2023: Numerary academic member of the Royal Academy of Exact Physical and Natural
Sciences of Spain in the Physics and Chemistry section.

2021: Premio nacional de investigación “Enrique Moles” en el área de Ciencia y Tecnología Química.

2021: Lifetime achievement award by International Scientist awards on Engineering, Science and Medicine, Trivandrum, India

2021: International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM) Medal

2016: Award Rey Jaime I New Technologies

2014-2021: Distinguised adjunct Professor King Abdullah University

2014-2021: Thomson Reuters List of Highly Cited Chemists

2011: Doctor Honoris Causa University of Bucharest

2011: Distinguished Visiting Professor University of Ottawa

2009: Alpha Gold Award Spanish Society of glass and ceramics

2008: Fellow of the Japan Society for the promotion of science