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Modified faujasite zeolites as catalysts in organic reactions: esterification of carboxylic acids in the presence of HY zeolites

Corma, Avelino; Garcia, Hermenegildo; Iborra, Sara; Primo, Jaime;

Journal of Catalysis (1989), 120(1), 78-87. 


~131 Citings

Impact factor: 7.72


Design of synthetic zeolites as catalysts in organic reactions: acylation of anisole by acyl chlorides or carboxylic acids over acid zeolites

Corma, Avelino; Climent, Maria Jose; Garcia, Hermenegildo; Primo, Jaime;

Applied Catalysis (1989), 49(1), 109-23. 


~153 Citings

Impact factor: 5.00